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Hello Everyone. If you are visiting this site with the intention of downloading the game Tow Bowl Tactics, you are no longer in luck. You can find more information and download it here. This site will be taking on a new direction and much of our content will be based on current Opensource games that have large active user bases. We also will talk about new gaming equipment and technology. Some of our articles will also examine the developing electronic phenomenon of eSports and what impacts it will have on the gaming industry and the future of PC gaming.

We are pretty excited about the new Steam OS and honestly, PC gaming looks to be on the brink of a long lasting golden age. With the entry of SteamOS (based on the rock solid architecture of Linux), gamers finally will have an alternative to Microsoft’s Windows. Maybe you like Windows, maybe you hate it. The fact of the matter is competition will help drive innovation and the end result will be better for us all. Steam’s library of opensource games has really jump started the possibilities for indie developers. The possibilities of having a free opensource platform running on a free opensource operating system are endless. Once this becomes reality, I think we will continue to see a rising number of indie projects and the quality of games created will rise over the coming years. Projects will likely get larger, ideas will get greater, and projects that are special enough may even give established game studios a run for their money.

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