Gamer Gift Guide Part I

1. Steam Holiday Sale. Obviously if your a fan of indie games this is one of the first places you should stop this holiday season. They have some huge bundles where you can get multiple titles for a greatly reduced cost. If you’re looking for just 1 or 2 games that you’ve heard good things about, chances are they will either be on sale for the next few weeks or you’ll be able to get a reduced price during a single sale day.
2. Gaming Chairs are 40% off at Amazon until January First. These are the best gaming chairs for console gamers hands down. They have bluetooth speakers built into the headrest. The ergonomic design and padded headrest and arms are great for long gaming sessions with your friends. If you are trying to find a good overview of pc gaming chairs this site has a gaming chair article. There is also this complementary gaming desks article on their site.
3. G502 Proteus Core mouse by Logitech. If you call yourself a gamer, you’re probably upgrading your mouse at least once every 2 years. Outside of your gaming rig your mouse is probably the singlemost important part of your gaming arsenal. You need the precision of a gaming mouse or else you will suffer the fate of misclicks and frustration. This new mouse from Logitech has it all. 11 programmable buttons, max 12,000 dpi, adjustable weight and balance, and a bonus it looks like a futuristic weapon.
4. What comes after the mouse? You guessed it, keyboards. This sweet from keyboard guide Maximum PC does a pretty good job summing up some of the best options. My recommendation? Get a CoolerMaster keyboard. When your shopping for a gaming keyboard, what you really should be looking to buy is a mechanical keyboard because of the tactile superiority of the keyboard switches. That’s exactly what Cooler Master delivers, straight forward keyboards built from premium components.
5. If you are looking for a Gaming Rig and would rather not build your own I’d recommend ibuypower or cybertron. Both make really solid rigs and don’t markup the prices too much. You only need to spend around $800 these days to get a rig that will play most games at max settings. Combine that with a $200 monitor and you are good to go for 2015. This site Gaming Build has a good overview of the options: Gaming Rigs Reviews.iBUYPOWER

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