The Art of Streaming

Streaming has become all the rage these days and its been said more people are tuning into streams than some television channels or sporting events like major league baseball games. Some people think it’s bad for gaming for whatever reasons but I think it’s a great way to get gaming more mainstream. Also, people that get really good at certain games finally have a way to monetize their skill. Just like a hobbyist woodworker that starts building furniture for people, a gamer can share their skills and knowledge with other people. Sure there’s always the trolls and goof balls on Twitch chats but it can provide entertainment outside of the viewing experience. I’d also counter where are there not trolls on the internet? In the end I still like the chat box because it’s a way the streamer can interact with their audience. Isn’t that what we want popular people in our niche’s to be? More human and easier to communicate with and ask questions. A lot of sports stars seem larger than life but really they are just another one of us. I think streaming on Twitch gives a great look into the personality and lives of eSports stars and other popular personalities.

If you are interested in streaming, there is a lot of software out there that can get you started. I’d suggest OBS just because it is opensource and pretty intuitive as well. I think the best way to get started is commit to a schedule, interact with your viewers, be good at your game, have a good gaming rig, have a good gaming setup, and have a good Twitch profile and page so people can learn about you. I think supplementing this with a social media strategy will get you going on the right foot. Also, so many times I see streamers with webcams set up and the area behind them is a mess. Try and stay somewhat professional and don’t let their be distractions for your viewers.

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