Gamer Gift Guide Part II

If your a simulator fan, now is the right time to upgrade your joystick or driving wheel. This site Fly Away Simulation has flight simmers covered from top to bottom. Here I’ll link the 5 best joysticks article which I feel does an awesome job summing up all the best joysticks. But this site is more than just reviewing joysticks. It is a comprehensive flight simulator and pilot enthusiast site. Beware of getting sucked in and spending 4+ hours there. These joysticks range from $40 all the way up to $500 dollars so its a good idea to education yourself and pick out the right one.
Headphones are a hot item right now especially on Amazon. You can get a nice headset for $19.99 from Sennheiser here. It’s not going to be audiophile quality, but its a hell of a lot better than any pack in headphones/headsets you may still be using. There are also Bose headphones and a variety of other brands that are heavily discounted.
Again, you must check out the Steam Sale. It continues until January second at 10AM pst with featured daily deals every day. For indie lovers such as myself, my game of the day recommendation is The Escapists, a strategy simulation game. Its normal price is $15 but its marked off 50% down to 7.50. It is a prison simulator and your mission is.. you guessed it, to escape. While it sounds simple on the surface you can tell a lot of thought has gone into the game and it is quite enjoyable. 94% of the 1300 reviews rated it an overwhelmingly positive experience.

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